Software development

Are you looking for ways to make your business processes more effective or a partner who could provide you with functional software within the agreed time limit and budget?

For over twenty years, we have developed original solutions as well as interfaces for already existing systems. The ISO 9001:2008 certificate demonstrates that we follow specific quality standards in our business.

Software projects consist of four phases:

  • Project analysis to understand your needs and find the most effective solution for you
  • Based on the analysis a detailed specification is developed and it is made sure that everyone understands the task unambiguously
  • Software is developed on the basis of the specification
  • Testing

Normally, all four phases are commissioned together, but we have also carried out individual phases, for example, helping to specify the needs in detail for a customer who is making preparations for procurement.


List of references

Our proprietary solutions

  • Cash register Compucash 4000
  • Control systems
  • Access control and surveillance system

Outsourced projects

  • Voting systems
  • AS Eesti Post
  • AS Tallinna Lennujaam
  • FCR Media / Telemedia Eesti AS /Eniro Estonia



Title of project

1996 to date

Chancellery of the Parliament

Design, development and maintenance of the hardware and software of the voting system of Estonian Parliament. A new system with video control and various interfaces installed in summer 2012.

1998 to date

Tallinn City Council

Design, development and maintenance of the voting system of Tallinn City Council.
The software has been updated to work with a modern database system and interfaces with external systems have been renewed.

1997 to date

AS Eesti Post

Design of software for cash register systems of the post offices of Eesti Post. Preparing the technical specification of the information system for Eesti Post. Development, testing and implementation of the central post offices’ data processing system (payment intermediary services) for the local post offices. Interfaces with cash register systems of post offices and the accounting system SAF. Drafting the specification of the information system for registered mail and commencement of design phase. Design and implementation of the information system for registered mail across Estonia. Card payment module of cash register system. GSM payment module of cash register system. New software for cash register system and interfacing with accounting software AXAPTA. Cash register system based on MSSQL database.  Card payment module based on the EMV standard. Postipank module interfaced with the cash register system together with the updated card payment module.
Maintenance contract with a duration of more than 15 years!

2001 to date

FCR Media AS / Telemedia Eesti AS

Development, implementation and modification of product system.

2003 to date

AS Tallinna Lennujaam

Integration of technological accounting and analysis systems, various modifications, extra modules.