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How CompuCash helps to boost your Easter campaign?

01. March 2018

Easter this year will be celebrated on April 1. That is a great opportunity also for you to prepare special offers and discount campaigns. CompuCash is a great tool to carry out your campaigns and also analyse their effectiveness. Gather new data and contacts and make the next one, e.g. Mothers’ Day, campaign even more effective.

Option 1. A campaign connected to a concrete date.

There are plenty of days for celebration: Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mothers’ day, Fathers’ Day, Independence Day of your country, end of a school year, beginning of a school year, etc. Media and ads create a good atmosphere to motivate people make extra purchases. So why not to offer goods that fit nicely to celebrate the occasion.

CompuCash has made it really easy to settle the start and end date and time of the campaign when a concrete discount is valid:

  • for all products an agreed % of discount
  • for selected products an agreed % of discount
  • a discount or a gift for people buying for more than x euros

Option 2. A campaign connected to a concrete product

You have brought on sales a new product and want find test buyers? You want to bring special attention to a product that is really good but is not known well enough? Or you plan to optimise sales of a seasonal product?

These are all occasions to make CompuCash calculate a percentage from the initial price of the product or proposes an accompanying offer (a gift, a joint campaign with a partner, e.g. sports club, restaurant)

Option 3. Discounts for concrete customers.

Making personalised offers needs loyalty cards to be in place. In Estonia mobile based and ID-card based loyalty cards have become popular, as people do not need to carry with them a big pile of loyalty cards.

The loyalty card gives you the opportunity to make offers based on previous purchasing habits:

  • a discount fort customers that have bought for more than x sum
  • a discount for purchases more than x sum
  • a discount for concrete products preferred by a concrete customer based on his/her previous purchases.

You can also make targeted offers to your loyal customers with a concrete profile; e.g. special offers for women, families, students, people of age 40-60, etc.

Carrying out loyalty card based campaigns, it is essential to analyse the results and plan the following campaigns to even better match the needs and habits of your customers. CompuCash makes analysing your sales data really easy.

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