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Why Ektaco?

Ektaco has been planning and building industrial automation solutions from 1980s. We have the largest number of projects in the following domains:

  • Energetics and power plants
  • Distant heating boiler plants 
  • Oil production plants
  • Fuel terminal and ports
  • Feed factories

Our team has got uptodate knowledge about the products of the world leading automation companies. We are developing secure and user friendly automation systems. Ektaco helps our clients to maximize the usage of their raw materials and optimize their production process. 

Ektaco's automation engineers are trusted by

  • Enefit Energy Production
  • Estonian Energy Oil Plans
  • Enefit Solutions AS
  • Enefit Mines
  • Scandagra Eesti AS
  • Baltic Fur AS

Our engineers have got high qualification that allows us to offer optimal technical solutions for our clients. 

Ektaco offers the following services:

  • Planning of the management systems based on the technologies of the client 
  • Hardware design and development for special solutions 
  • Composition of automation shields
  • Programming of controllers and work stations of an operator (SCADA)
  • Installation or guidance of a subcontractor 
  • Deployment and system tuning 
  • Technical supervision of the project at the work site

Our most important tools are:

  • Drawing programs: CADS Planner Electric, AutoCAD
  • Industrial controllers: Modicon, ePAC, Momentum, Quantum, Preventa, Twido, Zelio Logic, Zelio Control
  • Programming of the controllers: Unity Pro, SoMachine, SoMove, TwidoSuite, Zelio Soft
  • Visualisation: Vijeo Citect, Vijeo Designer, Magelis, Monitor Pro
  • Network devices: ConneXium, FactoryCast, FactoryLink, Cisco, Moxa
  • Communication solutions: Modbus/TCP, Modbus RTU, CANopen, Profibus, HART, M-Bus, LoRaWAN, IoT
  • Engine management: Altivar, Altistart, TeSys U

Ektaco's certificates:

  • Electrical safety B-level (up to 1000 V)
  • Schneider Electric system integrator. Alliance partner
  • Siemens authorized sales partner
  • Scaime weighing and measurment systems - authorized sales partner
  • Certified management system ISO 9001:2015 standard

S.K.I. Schlegel & Kremer Industrieautomation GmbH measurement systems

Ektaco is an authorized sales partner and integrator of measurement systems of S.K.I. Schlegel & Kremer Industrieautomation GmbH in  Estonia.
We are offering solutions for measurement and calculation of costs for gases, liquids and steam. 

Warranty, maintenance, customer support

Warranty conditions depend on the conditions of the device manufacturer and will be agreed in the contract. Based on your business sepcifics we are offering an opportunity for flexible maintenance and customer support services. 

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E-mail: automaatika@ektaco.ee