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How good is the productivity of your factory?

February 03, 2018

CompuAccess, a functional time management system for industry, gives you a good overview and fits for small and large players.
In close collaboration with our customers, Ektaco has developed a time management system for industry, that allows to measure real working time of your employees, compare the active time of the machines with their productive time, optimise usage of your human and machine resources, increase discipline of your employees through transparency and save a lot of time that you have been using for typing manually in the working hours of your people.

With just one or two click one can register his/her work and pauses in a CompuAccess terminal, either with an electronic card or fingerprint.

The solutions suits nicely for small factories but also for large industry with 10,000 employees. A company can choose between a simple solution to just register the working time and pauses or with a precise solution with up to 100 different types of work. Managers can use the easy reports to analyse and manage their company with real data. In addition it brings along a more effective payroll system, i.e. you do not need to insert the hours and different types or work and rates manually and so you avoid making mistakes. The real time workflow can be monitored online via web or on a TV screen in your factory if you wish so.

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