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Professional. Reliable. Sustainable.

Professional. Reliable. Sustainable.

Professional. Reliable. Sustainable.

Professional. Reliable. Sustainable.

Professional. Reliable. Sustainable.

Starting a Restaurant in Estonia

February 08, 2018

There are many nice restaurants in Estonia but one more with great cuisine and atmosphere fits nicely here. But You also need a Point of Sale system to optimise Your sales and manage the workflow.

Analyse Your Needs

As the first step to choose the right point of sale system please map your needs. You are probably not starting a restaurant for one year but it is your long term plan and it may be a growing business.
Keep in mind that people prefer to pay with a bank card and mobile payments are also often used. In Estonia all people have an electronic ID card that is also often used as their loyalty card in restaurants, shops, etc.

How good is the productivity of your factory?

February 03, 2018

CompuAccess, a functional time management system for industry, gives you a good overview and fits for small and large players.
In close collaboration with our customers, Ektaco has developed a time management system for industry, that allows to measure real working time of your employees, compare the active time of the machines with their productive time, optimise usage of your human and machine resources, increase discipline of your employees through transparency and save a lot of time that you have been using for typing manually in the working hours of your people.

Integrated Payment Terminal doubles your sales speed and avoids mistakes

January 19, 2018

In Europe about half of the payments are done by card. There are two main benefits for merchants to integrate their payment terminal with their point of sales: 

  • double the speed of payments
  • no human errors

Payments with double speed

In case of integrated point of sales with a payment terminal the time per one sale is decreased more than 50%. How does it work?